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For over thirty years I have trained retrievers for the challenges of water fowling and upland hunting in the Snake River country of Eastern Idaho.  My goal has always been the same–to make you and your dog the best team possible–in the field, on the river, or at home.  Glen Cropper, Owner, River Dog Retrievers.

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Training Tips

No matter what type of collar you use on your dog, you  will have more control with less pressure, if you fit the collar close to the dog’s ears.  Fitting the collar too loosely around the bottom of the dog’s neck allows the dog to pull harder on the lead.  


 Are you ready to take your waterfowling to the next level?

Spring Slough Duck Club is now offering memberships for the 2024-25 waterfowl season.

The club sits on 375 acres that are laced with two major sloughs:  The Bannock Jim, and of course, Spring Slough.  The South Fork of the Snake River borders the property for over a half mile, but the sloughs are the major attraction for migrating flocks. A second club property near Roberts ID, adds another outstanding shooting location the club.

The convenience of hunting at Spring Slough is undeniable.  All hunting locations can be accessed directly from your vehicle, making it easy to bring as much gear as you want to your blind.  Speaking of blinds, there are eight sunken blinds for great concealment, as well as numerous upright blinds and places to hunker down in the cattails or hide in the trees.

Members will also have access to the kennel facility where they can clean their waders and other equipment at the end of their hunt.  Members can store decoys, waders and other equipment in the temperature controlled kennel so they are always ready for their next adventure. 

Memberships are limited and are being sold on a first come first serve basis so don’t delay.  Act now to enjoy water fowling and upland hunting at one of the best locations in Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming.

For membership information, or for a guided tour, contact club manager, Glen Cropper, (208) 521-2432 or riverdoggc@gmail.com

Boomer and Loki work’n on the river at Spring Slough Duck Club

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