Owners are encouraged to participate in the training process from start to finish.  This begins with a pre-training visit to establish your goals and expectations.  Every dog that is in training is evaluated after thirty days to determine if training goals are realistic.  Please remember that every dog has a different personality and temprement.  Genetics also play a large role in a dog’s inherited abilities.  Our training is continually adjusted to meet the needs of you and your dog.  We encourage our clients to check with us before purchasing a puppy.  We can often recommend breeding’s that have been successful in the past.  Proper socialization of a puppy greatly enhances its ability to learn throughout its life.  At River Dog Retrievers, we are available to help guide you through the socialization process.

    Boarded Training is $850 per month, or $370 per 7 day week.
    •  $35 per calendar day
    All boarding is done on a space available basis, in a modern, temperature controlled indoor run with comfortable bed, quality food, and daily exercise. We do not do drop offs or pickups on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.
    Before you pick up your dog why not order a bath and brush for $40? Nail Trimming $20. Ear wash $20.  
    • Pick up or delivery to Idaho Falls Airport:  $100
    • Trips to Vet. (Idaho Falls, Rigby, or Rexburg):  $100
    Dogs involved in hunt tests must be enrolled in monthly training. Entry fees are the responsibility of the owner.  Handling fees are as follows: Junior Level $90, Senior Level $100. Overnight care fee is $20.  Travel fee varies for each event.

  • TRAINED RETRIEVERS FOR SALE           PLEASE CALL We have some nice puppies, young dogs, and trained dogs available.

Our training methods are humane, and effective.  We encourage you to visit and observe our training methods first hand.

From sleepy six week old pup to airborne gun dog, Lucky is a true River Dog.  He hunts with his owner about sixty days a season and spends the rest of the year being a welcome member of the family.  Contact us with any questions about our business or for references from any of our customers past or present.

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